DIY "Washing Machine"
Adire Tempest 15" Subwoofer Project 

to be perfectly honest.. it's much bigger than a washing machine. ;)

230L Adire Tempest 15" DIY Subwoofer based on modified Adire plans written for the first time DIY'er.

You can get the plans I used at the link below if you don't have them. I couldn't find them on Adires website the last time I checked.


The plans are for a low-Q .577 design.  I decided to go sealed because I was going to use it mainly for music (90%) and I wanted
to keep it simple because this was my first DIY speaker project.  It is 39"x24"x24" with legs and will be stuffed with 64oz of polyfill.

My objective when I decided to go DIY route was to get the best subwoofer performance for the money while
 learning and showing my girlfriend that there was a reason for the madness in my search for better sound.

I decided to go for a 15" Adire Audio Tempest Subwoofer because the price was
awesome and it had great feedback from other users using them in the forums.

10 things I learned after I completed my project:

1. You will never have enough bar clamps.
2. The right tools make the job A LOT easier.
3. After cutting pieces... line the pieces that are the same size and sand them so they are all the exact size.
4. ProBond type glues require moisture! DOH!
5. Buy a dust mask and goggles.
6. Use a scrap piece of wood first to see exactly how big the baffle is going to be.
7.  Measure, square, measure, squarre, cut.
8. Use a real pencil to make lines (sharpie doesn't work!) hehe
9.  It would have been a lot easier with stable workbench instead of some plastic saw horses.


10. Your first DIY project will probably be your most expensive after you buy... bar clamps, wood, radial saws, jig saws, T-squares, hand squares,
belt sanders, routers and bits, palm sanders, drills, glues, sandpaper, wood putty, saw horses, etc, etc, etc, etc, more bar clamps, etc,etc,etc,etc.

However my next project will be a lot cheaper... hehe

I am not asking for any donations, I am just trying to give back for all the things I learned by viewing other DIY worklogs put on the web 
for everyone to learn from.
  I will keep this page up as long as I feel people are using it.  So send me an shout out or something! :)

So if this worklog helped you out the least you can do is please send
an email or send me pics of your completed DIY project.

you can reach me on the [H]ardforums (computer audio) or
feel free to email me @  
magnetik @


Please excuse the mess...
I only have a 1 car garage. 


sides cut out and ready.


ghetto table saw takes too much
 time to make square but it  works.


my fence for sawing
straight without a table saw.


damn.. I need a table saw and
a miter or radial arm saw!


I probably didn't need screws
every 2 inches but I am a anal
and it definitely ain't coming apart.


looks like I am doing a good job
getting everything square! so far so good.


close up of corner. 


view of what I have done so far.


the brace installed just to see what it would look like.


other view of the brace.


I had to drill some holes into my Lewin
Circle jig to make the small holes for the brace


I also decided to shorten the jig
because I don't need to cut 48" circles!!


I would have bought a Jasper but I was
cheap and got the Lewin off ebay for 9 bucks


view of cross braces. 


yet another view


I curved the cut outs on the brace because
 it seemed like it would be stronger.


shot of the curves.


sorry for the repeats but I was too
lazy to filter out all the extras


cross bracing glued with Probond. 




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