Finally done!!!

Magnetik's DIY "Washing Machine" Subwoofer project 
230l Tempest based on modified Adire plans.



rear view.


corner view.


another corner view.


top view.


view of the internal bracing structure.


meaty.. my friends can't believe how big this thing is.


another view.


how’s this for room gain?


view of installed Tempest.


you can see the relative size of this monster.


rats nest just for listening to music. and yes I sat right in front of them.


since this isn't my living room... I can get away with the puny TV.  I have a 51" Sony HDTV in the living room.

I got my amp as you can see from the picure above.  It shows you how much I am craving for some bass in my music. 
I hooked up the plate amp to my old Design Acoustics 10".  I think it got a little tired after putting some real power to it.  It tried... but still unsatisfied.

Laminating it was the coolest part.. it was so easy I was looking around for other things to laminate. 
The router bit cut through it like butter.  Make sure you wear goggles if you router trim laminate because little pieces fly everywhere. 
I took off the guard in one of the pictures to take a snapshot... I forgot to put the guard back on before I started cutting!

Also.. break in time is real!  I thought it was lacking in bass and after a little warm up...
it just plain sounded a lot tighter and hit bass notes with ease.  It was a night and day difference.

I am very pleased with the final results... I can't wait until the Tumult comes out if the Tempest is this good.

my first DIY experience has been fun... DIY is definitely the way to go.

started: 8/31/02
completed: 9/25/02




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